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Lawn Renovation

Our Lawn Restoration Services Include Aeration, Thatching, Fertilizing, Moss Killing, Overseeding, Top Soil and Peat Moss, and full service lawncare maintenance.


Aeration is the process of removing plugs of soil from your lawn, which creates space for air, water and nutrients to penetrate into the soil. This process will promote the growth of beneficial microorganisms, increase water absorption, reduce surface runoff, and promote healthy, thick, green grass. Aeration will deepen your lawn’s root system so that your lawn will have a greater resistance to disease, insect, drought, and heat stress. Aeration is also essential to reduce thatch problems. Thatch is that tough layer of dead organic matter between the lawn and the soil. When thatch becomes too thick, it blocks water and nutrients from getting to the soil.

Aeration should be performed in both the spring and the fall. We recommend that you fertilize and overseed your lawn after aerating because this is the perfect time to allow fertilizer and seeds to infiltrate deep into the soil.


Thatch accumulates in your lawn as dead roots and decomposing grass and other debris accumulate. Even a lawn that appears to be green on the top layer can be full of thatch beneath that surface of green. As thatch accumulates, it prevents water, nutrients, sunlight, and air from reaching the roots of the grass. As this occurs, the grass literally suffocates and is starved, which will causes an unhealthy condition that will kill your lawn. Removing the thatch increases the amount of water and nutrients that are available for your lawn to consume, which will enhance your lawn’s resistance to disease, and promote a lush, green lawn.

Once we thatch your lawn we can also rake and bag the moss and thatch that the thatching equipment removed from your lawn. This is the most tiresome part of the process as an average sized lawn (2,000 sq ft) will often bring up more than seven hundred and fifty (yes, 750!) pounds of debris! We rake this waste into piles, then bag it into an average of ten recyclable yard waste bags. We can leave the bags for you to dispose of, or for an additional fee, we can haul them away for you.


We recommend fertilizer is applied to your lawn on a quarterly basis. It is especially important to apply starter fertilizer on newly seeded lawns. Our organic fertilizer blend provides your lawn with the nutrients that are needed to keep your lawn healthy and green, while controlling weeds.


Moss Killer Works with thatching to complete moss kill. Our unique blend includes ferrous sulphate, dichlorphen, and iron to kill moss dead. Thatching works to get out the majority of the moss, but it will never kill all of it. When we apply moss killer after thatching and / or aerating a more complete moss kill will occur. By applying the moss killer after thatching the existing moss and thatch is now thin enough to allow better penetration to the remaining moss.


Overseeding is the practice of planting more grass in an already existing lawn so as to enhance the amounts of grass over the lawn. Overseeding is recommended for lawns that have bare spots and for lawns that have just been thatched or aerated. The existing grass acts like a mulch and holds the new seed in their place. The benefits to overseeding are numerous: Overseeding promotes grass health by increasing its resistance to disease, it revitalizes grass growth, creates a denser lawn by filling in bare spots, and it helps to prevent weed growth.


Slice seeding is the best way to insure soil to seed contact, causing a much higher seed germination rate. It causes the roots to grow deeper, to germinate faster, and protects seeds from birds while the germination process occurs. Slit seeding is done with a machine that cuts vertically through the lawn into the soil. While the machine is cutting through the grass it is also dropping seeds into the slices that are made by the machine. This process is much more effective then overseeding as the overseeding process simply applies seed to the top of the lawn allowing some seed to blow away, or get eaten by birds. Some of the seed will find their way into the soil where they will germinate, and some will not. Overseeding works, but not as well as slice seeding as slice seeding assures that seed will germinate and become healthy grass.


We use high quality soil that is ½ sand and ½ compost, which will add essential nutrients to your soil and creates a more permanent solution for maintaining a healthy, green lawn.

Peat Moss is a natural, organic soil enhancer that has several benefits. Gardeners utilize peat moss to improve growing conditions and enhance the overall health of plants. Peat moss absorbs 20 times its weight in water and slowly releases it, which allows your lawn to have a steady supply of water over a long period of time. Peat moss improves root growth by loosening and aerating soil, it aids sandy soil by adding consistency, reduces the amount of nutrients carried through the soil, which causes the nutrients to reach the roots, reducing the need for excess fertilizer. Peat moss prevents soil from hardening. The organic matter which composes peat moss improves soil composition. Peat moss improves a compost pile by reducing odors, absorbing water, and aerating the mixture.


Mulch is the most important product you can use to improve your garden. Plus, it is all natural which makes it safe for people and pets. Just three inches of mulch will hold moisture in the soil where your plants need it. Mulch will add nutrients, protect your plant roots from freezing in the winter and from heat in the summer. Mulch also looks great and it suppresses the growth of weeds. Much is any product that is used a ground cover from bark to compost to decomposed wood chips.

Spreading mulch is hard work which is why you should hire the pros at GrowScapes to deliver and spread mulch for you. Mulch is a great investment in your property. Throughout the year your garden will require less fertilizer, less water and less weed control products, which are great for your garden and flower beds, and great for the environment.